thanks for checking out my WORK.

My name is Micah Hogan. born and raised in Southern California, where I still reside. My art comes from memories. The best ones I have growing up were of road trips taken with my family. We would drive up & down the coast to camp or just vacation at spots like Big Sur, Monterey, San Francisco and Mendocino. 

All of these places are part of this wild & rugged coastline, dotted with different types of pine & cypress trees, rocky points, and crashing waves. This left such a huge impression on me even as a kid, since I came from a pretty flat, non-descript suburban area in Southern California. It was like seeing real life for the first time. 

Also vivid in memory are the colors. And not just the beautiful natural colors in the surrounding. That did stand out...but so did my dads style. When I was a kid, He rarely got rid of anything, so he had all these great 70s & 80s jackets, shirts and trucker hats with colors like bright red, orange, avocado, turquoise and so on. Our old camping gear was in those fun, retro colors too. 

Lastly there was the sounds. My mom putting on music from the 60s, like the Beach boys or the Beatles as we drove along the coast. Songs that were fun, some about life in California, going to the beach, so on. So I take all those memories and combine them with the natural beauty of wood.
The result? 
Creating an art that speaks to everyone about the importance of never forgetting the simple things in life. 

hang out with your family & friends. 
go outdoors & appreciate nature. 
hold on to the good times. 
let it all inspire you.